Appointment for Foreign guests:

The International Medical Services of PUMCH has set up an appointment hotline 69156699-2 (press 2 for English service) for foreign guests.  The International Medical Services has also set up a special embassy appointment hotline for embassies (the number is only available to embassies in China). The embassies can contact the person in charge of foreign affairs (69154572/18612671836) to obtain the embassy appointment hotline.  Diplomats and their family members of the embassy can enjoy fast medical treatment services such as outpatient appointment, health check-up, hospitalization and emergency service in the IMS.

Because PUMCH implements real-name system, foreign guests must provide their own name, passport number, date of birth and contact number when making an appointment.  Foreign guests only need to bring the original passport when they first consult the doctor. After consulting the doctor, foreign guests will get a hospital ID in hospital system (a passport number corresponds to only one ID). Foreign guests who already have a hospital ID can also make an appointment through  PUMCH's official APP.

To in-patients and families:
I. Conditions for hospitalization formalities:
1. You have been notified by the hospital for hospitalization;
2. You present your valid ID card and the "medical care card";
3. You present your case file or file number.
If you have been hospitalized or have established your case file, please go through formalities directly at the hospitalization window; if you have not yet established your case file, please go to any of the following places:
 First floor of the outpatient hall;
 Emergency service desk;
 Window No.10, hospitalization office, first floor of Surgical Building, East Yard (Monday-Friday, 8-12 am, 1:30-5:30 pm);
 Case file window, first floor, Internal Medicine Building, East Yard (Monday-Friday, 8-12 am, 1:30-5:30 pm).
4. As a patient with commercial insurance, you must present:
 Your insurance card or insurance policy;
 Your ID card or passport;
 The guarantee letter from your insurance company; and
 Any other document as required of the customer by the insurance company, such as a claim form filled in by the doctor.
5. Advance payment for hospitalization: the sum varies according to doctor's requirements and illnesses, and the balances will be paid to either side upon discharge. If you are notified of overdue payment during hospitalization, please make timely payment at the hospitalization office.
 Advance payment can be made by cash, bank card, check or bank draft;
 The balances will be paid by the same method: cash for cash, balance of check returned to the account of the issuer, and balance of bank card returned to the same account;
 To reduce the cost of cash advance, please be prudent in making the advance payment by credit card;
 In the case of payment by institution, the name of patient and words "hospital fee" must be written down on the remittance note. The payment shall be made to:
Institution name: Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Account No: 800110272808094001
Account opening bank: Beijing Branch, Bank of China
II. Time and place for hospitalization formalities:
1. Regular time: 8 am-5:30 pm
For emergency: 24 hours
2. Place: hospitalization office, Surgical Building, East Yard: first floor of the building
Hospitalization office, Internal Medicine Building, East Yard: first floor of the building
Hospitalization office of West Yard: first floor of the Outpatient Building

Thanks for your cooperation and we wish you an early recovery!

International Medical Services, PUMCH
Revised in September 2014