Medical Students

The faculty of clinical medicine of Peking Union Medical College, under the notion of being "small and fine", has been sticking to small-scale enrollment, strict teaching and quality graduates; preparatory and undergraduate teaching is carried out stage by stage, and great attention is paid to students' knowledge base and structure as well as their comprehensive skills; a tutorial system is in place, and at the stage of clinical teaching, a tutor will provide one-to-one guidance to students and ensure that each of them gets the teaching according to his aptitude; and efforts have been made in open-door teaching and international exchanges. Since 2003, the college's enrollment plan for clinical medicine (eight years) has been incorporated into the overall plan of Tsinghua University, and enrollment is made jointly by the two universities. The cooperation has combined Tsinghua's comprehensive advantages in basic disciplines and Peking Union's strength in clinical medicine and is meant to help achieve even more in medical education.