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PUMCH Holding Chinese/English Clinical Nursing Teaching Competition
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On June 23, 2022, PUMCH held the 14th Chinese and the 12th English Clinical Nursing Teaching Competition. President Zhang Shuyang attended the event and delivered a speech. Nursing staff responded to the competition with great interest hospital-wide. Altogether 222 nurses from 11 sections signed up for it and 34 were shortlisted after a primary selection. With a combination of multimedia, blackboard and teaching aids, etc., the contestants made presentations that were closely related to their clinical care practices, putting on full display the clinical teaching capabilities of PUMCH nursing personnel.

In her speech, President Zhang Shuyang said that PUMCH nursing had always led the development of nursing in China and had been the pride of PUMCH.

Valuing clinical teaching is a fine tradition at PUMCH and also the reason that nursing constantly improves. To enable young backbone personnel in clinical nursing teaching to better demonstrate their skills, the competition adopted an innovative mechanism this year that divided Chinese-speaking contestants into the “young” and “senior” group. First, the “young” contestants took to the stage. Making full use of the multimedia tools, they adopted scenario-based simulation and other methods to impart profound knowledge in an easy-to-understand way and properly interact with the audience, which showcased the vigor of the PUMCH youth. The “senior” contestants drew on their clinical practices and presented more in-depth analysis and explanation, showing their rich clinical experience and innovative thinking. The way they made good and proper use of each teaching approach and teaching aid spoke volumes about the well-honed teaching skills and professional mastery. The English-speaking contestants delivered their content in a professional and smooth manner with standard and clear pronunciations, earning rounds of warm applause from the audience.

The annual competition has become an established activity of PUMCH clinical nursing teaching and is of huge importance to improve clinical nursing teaching overall and to cultivate and empower the teachers. Going forward, PUMCH will continue to tap into its advantages in nursing and establish a task force of nursing teachers with political integrity, professional mastery and well-honed teaching skills, which, as a fundamental task of nursing discipline development, will contribute more to the high-quality development of PUMCH.

English / Chinese clinical nursing teaching competition

Written by: The Department of Nursing

Picture courtesy: Sun Liang

Translator: Liu Haiyan

Editor: Wang Yao