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Graduation of Clinical Postdocs 2019
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On July 27, 2022, the Graduation Ceremony for clinical postdocs 2019 of PUMCH was held in the Academic Hall of PUMCH to celebrate the successful graduation of postdocs 2019 and a new start for their medical career. The ceremony started with a short film “Three ‘Great’ Doctors”, which encouraged trainees to follow the example of their predecessors at PUMCH, and to become great doctors with a heart to help. The leaders of PUMCH awarded post-doctoral certificates to 11 excellent clinical postdocs and encouraged them to take on responsibilities to serve the people and the country, making PUMCH proud.

Zhang Zhe from the Department of Neurology, Zhao Xinyu from the Department of Ophthalmology and Yang Lu from the Department of Dermatology delivered their speeches on behalf of clinical postdocs 2019. They shared their insights after three years’ study, which shows how firm, dedicated and vigorous young doctors can be at PUMCH. All the trainees are grateful for their supervisors’ patient teaching, the rich case resources, the open and shared research platform, the profound clinical teaching tradition and the emphasis on multidisciplinary cooperation at PUMCH. They are determined to carry forward PUMCH’s tradition, maintain their original aspirations, make continuous progress and forge ahead.

Postdocs in medicine are top performers among their peers. They enjoy the best medical education resources at PUMCH. “The future of medicine belongs to you. I believe you will outperform us, make the best use of your talents, and contribute to the modern medicine!” Professor Zeng Xuejun, Director of the Department of General Internal Medicine, said that Class 2019 is the most special batch of students. They have completed three-year training during the period of COVID-19 prevention and control. It is hoped that the graduating postdocs will think at work, learn from thinking, and make progress as they learn. It is also hoped that they will discover problems in clinical practice, conduct in-depth research and use it to inform clinical practices and facilitate progresses, delivering real benefits to patients.

On behalf of leaders at PUMCH, President Zhang Shuyang congratulated the 53 clinical postdocs on their successful graduation, and extended sincere thanks to their supervisors for their efforts in cultivating and supporting those students. Meanwhile, she delivered three graduation messages to these postdocs: First, stick to the original aspirations and mission, and respond to challenges calmly. Second, practice the spirit of PUMCH and always be grateful. Third, be pragmatic, innovative, and role models to young people in the new era. She hoped that all postdocs would be down-to-earth, learn with an open mind and a patient heart in pursuit of their goals.

The hospital started its clinical postdoctoral program in 2016, when 20 people were enrolled as the first batch of trainees. Since then, we have increased its enrollment year by year. By 2022, the number of enrolled students has exceeded 100. The application for post-doctoral fellowship in 2023 is now open. Over the past six years, with the aim of fostering leading medical talents, the program has included more and more specialties, and made continuous improvements in its curriculum structure and training quality. In doing so, we have not only established a platform for excellent students to grow and thrive, but also supplied our country with top-notch versatile medical professionals.

Group photos of leaders, supervisors and postdocs 2019 at PUMCH

Written by: The Publicity Department and the Clinical Postdoctoral Program Office

Picture courtesy: Sun Liang

Translator: Liu Haiyan

Editor: Wang Yao