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First Session of PUMCH Mentor Training Program Concluded Successfully
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On June 26, 2022, the first session of the well-prepared PUMCH Mentor Training Program concluded. Within two days of intensive training, the 5 instructors taught 6 core competencies and various essential skills for mentors to 29 young and middle-aged backbone teachers, promoting teacher training and empowerment at PUMCH.

The graduates of MTP (Mentor Training Program) innovatively transformed the UCSF (the University of California, San Francisco) curriculum into the PUMCH Mentor Training Program in alignment with teaching characteristics and needs of PUMCH. Its first session, which successfully concluded, is an innovative endeavor to develop high-quality medical education in the new era.

One feature of the program is the problem-oriented teaching style. Divided into groups of six in the classroom, the trainees first listened to the instructor impart theoretical knowledge, then discussed the scenarios proposed by the instructor, and finally presented the conclusion of their group discussion. The second feature is the friendly and vibrant atmosphere that encouraged trainees to learn from not only their instructors but also their peers.

The trainees all find the two-day training productive and speak favorably of its role in “enlightening them on teaching theory systemically”.

The animated workshop-style class

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