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PUMCH Launched Supervised Teaching at Clinics to Improve the Core Competencies of Resident Physicians
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PUMCH is a national demonstration base for standardized training of resident physicians, with seven departments designated as the national key bases. To further enhance the core competencies of resident physicians, the Department of Education, together with the Department of Internal Medicine , the Department of Dentistry and other clinical departments, and with the support of the Department of Outpatient and the Information Technology Center, launched pilots for supervised teaching at clinics for the second- and third-year resident physicians, under which resident physicians will receive patients independently, with guidance and feedback from their supervisors. This will significantly improve resident physicians’ capabilities in clinical practices, and enhance their core competencies in such aspects as knowledge and skills, patient care, communication and cooperation.


Supervisor Han Wei is instructing a resident physician at the clinic of the Department of Dentistry


Supervised teaching in 9 specialties was carried out at the clinic under the Department of Internal Medicine


The supervisor is giving feedbacks during the teaching at the clinic of the Department of Internal Medicine

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