2016 PUMC Int’l Nursing Academic Forum held in Beijing
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(By Fu Tanping, Cao Jing) The 2016 PUMC International Nursing Academic Forum was held at the Lecture Hall on September 6, 2016. As an important part of celebrations of the 95th founding anniversary of PUMCH, the Forum was co-hosted by PUMCH and the Nursing School of PUMC. The event was attended by more than 700 medical workers from the United States, Canada, Australia, Finland, Thailand, Taiwan region and the Chinese mainland and was covered by a dozen media organizations.
Present at the opening ceremony wereGuoYanhong, deputy director of Bureau of Medical Administration, NHFPC, Zhang Qin, vice president of PUMC, Li Dongjing, vice president of PUMCH, senior personages who contributed to PUMCH nursing and nursing education, as well as leaders from the Chinese Nursing Association, Chinese Nursing Journals Publishing House, Chinese Nursing Management, People’s Medical Publishing House, Beijing Nursing Association, CMB Beijing Office and nursing schools and medical institutions from across China.
Deputy DirectorGuoYanhong and Vice President Li Dongjing addressed the opening ceremony. Professor Martha Hill, dean emerita at the John Hopkins University School of Nursing, sent a congratulatory video to express deep feelings and wishes for PUMCH.
The opening ceremony saw the release of books entitled PUMCH’s Memory of Nursing and PUMCH Guide on Specialized Nursing. The authors showcased in the books the hospital staff’s insistence on professionalism, inheritance and innovation.
The event also saw the establishment of a “Nursing Theory and Practice Research Center” by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and PUMC.
Young nurses also presented flowers to their older generation for their contribution to the nursing undertakings of the hospital.
The opening ceremony wrapped up in a dance Golden Autumn performed by nurses from the hospital.