2016 PUMCH-MGH 2nd Nephrology Forum held in Beijing
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(By Chen Gang, Shen Lei) On July 23-24, 2016, the PUMCH-MGH 2nd Nephrology Forum was held in Beijing, which is also part of ISN continuing medical education hosted by PUMCH and the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).
This is a splendid gathering of nephrology experts from home and abroad. Present at the event were a MGH expert team led by Professor Ravi Thadhani, and Professor Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh from UCLA. Chinese experts included Professor Yu Xueqing, director of the Chinese Society of Nephrology (CSN), Professor Zhao Minghui and Professor Chen Jianghua, deputy directors of CSN, and Professor Hao Chuanming, secretary of CSN. PUMCH team included Professor Li Xuewang, Professor Zheng Falei, Professor Li Xuemei and a dozen young doctors from the Department of Nephrology. More than 40 clinical experts and scholars chaired or gave lectures. The event was attended by more than 500 medical workers from 120 hospitals of 23 provinces (autonomous regions) across China as well as colleagues from major hospitals in Beijing.
Wang Yipeng, vice president of PUMCH, gave an opening speech and expressed expectations for the Sister Unit between the number one hospitals in China and the States. Professor Li Xuemei and Professor Ravi Thadhani gave reviews on the frequent visits and academic exchanges between PUMCH and MGH under ISN framework. Professor Yu Xueqing, on behalf of CSN, confirmed the positive role the Sister Unit played in communication between the two hospitals and the nephrologist community. After that, more than 40 renewed experts gave nearly 20 high-quality lectures on hot topics and latest developments under the theme “rheumatic autoimmune diseases and metabolism-related kidney diseases”.