10th Int’l Summit on Allergic Diseases, PUMCH held in Beijing
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(By Chen Mingyan, Zhi Yuxiang) On August 11-13, 2016, the 10th International Summit on Allergic Diseases, PUMCH was held in Beijing. The event witnessed the establishment of the Chinese College of Allergy and Asthma (CCAA). Professor Yin Jia from the Department of Allergy, PUMCH was elected the first director of CCAA. And her proposal, that the second week of each August be China’s “Allergy Prevention and Treatment Week”, received support from more than 40 media organizations and pharmaceutical companies. The event also marked the 60th founding anniversary of the Department of Allergy, PUMCH, and saw speeches delivered by Professor Ye Shitai, founder of the Department, Zhang Shuyang, vice president of PUMCH, and Zhang Yanling, director of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association.

As the first ever “China Allergy Prevention and Treatment Week”, the theme this year is “joint efforts against allergy”. The activity aims at gathering together workers from medical institutions, media and pharmaceutical companies to spread knowledge on allergic diseases and raise public awareness, so as to achieve better results in prevention, diagnosis and control.

Several experts from the United States, Japan, South Korea and China were also invited to discuss internationally hot topics in allergy, including food allergy, eczema and asthma in children, drug allergy, airway allergy, intestinal flora and metabolic diseases. Nearly 700 representatives attended the event, and spoke highly of the gathering as it covered both the latest discoveries in allergic disease pathogenesis and the standardized specific diagnosis and treatment of this kind of diseases.