PUMCH-Johns Hopkins Geriatrics Conference 2016 held in the hospital
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(By Zhang Ning) On August 12-14, 2016, the annual PUMCH-Johns Hopkins Geriatrics Conference was held in the Lecture Hall of PUMCH and was attended by more than 500 representatives from across China. Lecturers included Professor Mark Anderson, director of the Department of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Professor Leng Xiao from the Department of Geriatrics at Johns Hopkins, several experts on geriatric medicine and palliative care from Taiwan, and experts on plastic surgery, neurology and geriatrics from PUMCH. Topics included online version of comprehensive geriatric assessment, 2016 developments in geriatric medicine, palliative care, infectious diseases (vaccination), frailty and sarcopenia, and geriatric micro-plastic surgery. At the opening ceremony, Professor Yu Pulin, director of the Geriatrics Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, delivered a speech and looked into the prospects of geriatric medicine. Li Hongbing, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, gave a short speech in which he expressed attention to and encouragement for the event.

The conference this year features a vision that goes beyond hospitals. The attendance of representatives from various fields reflects a tendency of close communication and cooperation on geriatrics between institutions of different types. 

This conference may be summarized in a few key words: full human, full course, cooperation, informatization and sharing. Individual efforts are always limited but now there is a joyful sight that workers in various fields are joining the development of geriatric medicine. This is both a response to the aging society and a waking of human-oriented medical ideas. We expect even more surprises from the conference next year.