2016 China Medical Device Safe Management Int’l Conference held in Beijing
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The 2016 China Medical Device Safe Management International Conference was held at the Lecture Hall, PUMCH on September 24. The event was attended by around 520 people engaged in medical device safety management from across China. 10 lectures were given on such topics as the building of medical engineering discipline, life cycle management of devices and consumables, the building of logistics system, warehouse management and the construction of related law system, representing efforts towards scientific development of medical device safety in China.
NHFPC Medical Management Service Center Deputy Director Sun Yang, China Association of Medical Equipment Director Zhao Zilin and PUMCH Chief Accountant Xiang Yanzhen addressed the opening ceremony. For the quality and safe clinical use of medical devices, Sun pointed out, firstly we need to raise the quality of such devices; secondly we need to build a stronger management team, and thirdly, we need to guarantee reasonable use of such devices and realizemanagement throughout their life cycle. Zhao called for joint efforts from manufacturers, managers and clinical users to reduce risks caused by improper use of medical devices. Xiang emphasized the importance of safety management of medical device and the building of a management team that is in line with international practices.
Keynote speeches at the event focused on device safety, covering both managerial experience and adverse events, and conveyed the managerial message of “more thought, less harm”. Professor Robert Stiefel, formerdirector of Clinical Engineering Services, Johns Hopkins Hospital, shared his seven steps and methods of medical device management. Zhou Li, director of Medical Device Department, PUMCH, shared the hospital’s experience in device management, analyzed hidden hazards and extended the concept of safety management. Director Li Bin from the No. 6 People’s Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University gave a five-layer inspection strategy based on management of large-sized imaging devices, and emphasized the importance of equipment maintenance and quality control.

Focused on ideas of safety management, the event aims at building communication platforms to carry out long-term, in-depth exchanges with experts from home and abroad, so as to add vitality to the management of medical devices in China.

By Shan Qijun, Medical Device Department