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PUMCH Builds Tibet-Beijing Remote Pathology Consultation Platform
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On April 27, 2022, Liang Zhiyong, Director of the Department of Pathology of PUMCH, signed off a special pathology report on the hospital’s tele-medical consultation platform. The diagnosis, “papillary thyroid carcinoma (solid variant), with focal poorly differentiated carcinoma”, was successfully submitted with only one click. Dr. You Yan, a member of the PUMCH-Tibet medical aid team who currently serves as a member of the pathology department of the Tibet Autonomous Region People's Hospital which is thousands of miles away, logged on the platform and received the report immediately. She then informed the clinical team of the consultation result, helping the patient get an accurate diagnosis and standardized treatment. This is another progress enabled by the Tibet-Beijing remote pathology consultation platform set up by the seventh Tibet-aiding medical team of PUMCH. At present, the platform has achieved fast, convenient and high-quality operation that has become normalized.

Pathological diagnosis is known as the "gold standard" for disease diagnosis and also plays an important role in determining the treatment response and prognosis. However, the presence of some diseases under the microscope is atypical and inconspicuous, which brings great challenges to the work of pathologists. Therefore, the diagnoses of difficult and complex cases often require consultation with other pathologists from within or outside the hospital.

Since 2015, the Department of Pathology of PUMCH has sent seven experienced and capable pathologists in succession to aid the pathology department of the Tibet Autonomous Region People's Hospital, which has greatly improved the professional expertise and medical service capability of the local pathology department. But the traditional biopsy approach does not work for pathology consultation between the two hospitals which are thousands of kilometers away from each other. In early 2022, with the proposal and facilitation efforts of Peng Bin, Vice President of PUMCH and President of the Tibet Autonomous Region People's Hospital, and Liang Zhiyong, Director of the Department of Pathology of PUMCH, a Tibet-Beijing pathology consultation green passage supported by the Telemedicine Center of PUMCH was successfully set up.

Chen Jie, Cui Quancai, Liang Zhiyong, Lu Chaohui, Feng Rui'e, Meng Zhilan, and Zhou Weixun, all from the Department of Pathology of PUMCH, joined the expert diagnostic team to quickly meet the consultation needs of the Tibet Autonomous Region People's Hospital and deliver "accurate, fair, rigorous and efficient" consultation pathology reports to patients on the snowy plateau of Tibet.

The advanced and stable information technology and sound management system of the PUMCH Telemedicine Center provide solid assurance for the smooth operation of the consultation platform, which enables the pathology consultation over thousands of kilometers that facilitates the continuous improvement of the diagnosis and treatment of intractable diseases in the Tibet Autonomous Region towards the goal of “treating major diseases within Tibet”. Supported by the Telemedicine Center, the Department of Pathology of PUMCH will continue to tap into its advantages as the National Pathology Quality Control Center and Beijing Pathology Quality Control Center to promote the all-round development of Chinese pathology without the restriction of geographical boundaries.

Correspondents: You Yan and Xue Xiaowei

Reporter: Gan Dingzhu

Translator: Liu Haiyan

Editor: Lu Junliang and Wang Yao