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PUMCH President Zhang Shuyang Attended Online Meeting of World Medical Association
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From April 7 to 9, 2022, the 220th Council Session of the World Medical Association was held in Paris, France. Zhang Shuyang, Council Member of the World Medical Association, Executive Director of the Chinese Medical Association, and President of PUMCH, attended the meeting online.

The session reviewed 79 documents including the “Revised International Code of Medical Ethics”. At the meeting, President Zhang Shuyang and other Chinese experts were deeply engaged in the discussion of professional topics, and most of their suggestions were adopted. Their sharing of Chinese experience boosted the soft power of China.

After the session, the Chinese Medical Association sent a letter of thanks to President Zhang Shuyang, which expressed their genuine gratitude to her for actively speaking out on sensitive issues at the session from the perspectives of national interests and with the overall political dynamics in mind, for unambiguously expounding on China’s position with facts and reasoning, and for doing her best to safeguard China’s sovereignty, security and development interests. They also expressed the hope of continuing to strengthen cooperation in the future to jointly make greater contributions to China’s participation in global health governance.

In the future, PUMCH will continue to bring into full play the role of people-to-people diplomacy under the leadership and support of higher-level departments, give full play to the advantages of its experts, seek a greater say on the international stage, and contribute its wisdom to the building of a community of shared future for human health.

Written by: The International Cooperation Office

Picture courtesy: The International Cooperation Office

Translator: Liu Haiyan

Editor: Wang Yao