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The 9th Beijing International Balint Conference held in Beijing
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The 9th Beijing International Balint Conference was held in the Academic Hall of Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH) from 23 to 26 May, 2019. In this symposium, a tutoring panel with experts from more than 10 experts from China, Germany, and Austria participated in the demonstration and guided how to lead a Balint group. The qualifications of Balint group leaders were also reviewed and issued during the meeting, for the first time in China. The conference attracted 117 medical workers from 25 provinces and municipalities across the country.

In August 2010, an editorial article titled Chinese doctors are under threat in the The Lancet triggered the group anxiety among Chinese physicians. Growing awareness about doctor-patient relationship highlights the importance of training on patient relationship management for doctors. “Chinese doctors urgently needed a professional, safe environment to address their distressing doctor-patient relationship”, said a doctor from the Department of Psychological Medicine, Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH). As a result, the first Beijing International Balint Conference was held in May 2011. Landing. Many trainees introduced the Balint Group in their own hospitals, and eventually many of their colleagues benefited from professional assistance in managing the doctor-patient relationship. The event has been held every May since then. The past years have witnessed the growing improvements in doctor-patient relationship, which contribute to the continuous and courageous efforts of all scholars in this field and also reflect a substantial feeling of health gains among patients following the Chinese government’s strategies and policies in advocating social respect of medical staff and promoting health care reform.

Experts and trainees at the 9th Beijing International Balint Conference

[Photo / Department of Psychiatric Medicine]