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Mobile medical team of PUMCH awarded title of "most beautiful doctors of nation"
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The evening of March 19, 2015 saw the revealing of the results of "Looking for the Most Beautiful Doctors", a large-sized public interest activity held by the China Central Television (CCTV). The mobile medical team of PUMCH received the title of national "most beautiful doctor" team.

The mobile medical team of PUMCH dates back to 1951. In 64 years, PUMCH has altogether sent out more than a thousand doctors, each practicing medicine for at least six months at his/her local site. From medical tours, northwestern medical team, to assistance to Tibet, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, PUMCH doctors have left their footprints all across China, especially in northwestern and southwestern areas. The list of past teams bears a long string of shining names: Zhang Xiaoqian, Lin Qiaozhi, Huang Jiasi, Zeng Xianjiu… and the tradition has passed on to the present generation.

Professors Xu Letian, Zhang Chengfen, Ren Yuzhu, Lang Jinghe, Zhang Fengchun, Leng Jinhua and Chen Jialin, on behalf of PUMCH mobile medical team from the 1950s to the present day, attended the evening party and received the honor.