PUMCH’s phase I drug wins 1st prize of National Sci-tech Progress Award
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January 8 saw the 2015 National Science and Technology Progress Award conference held at the Great Hall of the People. State leaders, including Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, attended the event and granted awards. A project of China-developed new drug, “development, industrialization and application of icotinib hydrochloride, a small molecular targeted drug” won the first prize of the Award. Our Phase I Lab of Clinical Pathology Center and Department of Respiratory Diseases undertook the phase I research, putting our hospital among award-winning institutions.

Professor Hu Bei from the Phase I Lab and Professor Zhang Li from the Department of Respiratory Diseases were among the main researchers of phase I. Under the support of the National Science and Technology Major Project for the 11th and 12th five-year plan periods, the research team solved several difficult problems and emergencies in the course and, based on meeting legal requirements of the time, further completed tasks of new drug’s influence on food, locating and testing of metabolites, diversity of metabolic enzyme, prediction of mutual effect of drugs and intracranial distribution of drug, contributing significantly to follow-up researches and the marketing of icotinib. Through this project, Phase I Lab published six SCI theses and trained two doctoral researchers, and the achievements more than once won praise from Sang Guowei, vice-chairman of the 11th NPC Standing Committee.   

Icotinib broke the dominance of imported drugs in the lung cancer field and has so far benefited more than 90,000 late-stage patients.