Construction of key rheumatology & immunology lab checked, accepted
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PUMCH recently held a conference to examine the construction of its Rheumatology and Immunology Lab, a key project under the Ministry of Education. Through on-site inspection and examination of related documents, participants concluded that construction of the lab meets relevant standards and can be accepted.

Started in May 2012, tasks of the lab include: serving the needs for national and regional development, explore the pathogenesis of rheumatologic and immunologic diseases, select the most effective clinical therapy, find new targets and research into new drugs, discover, test, transform and apply biomarkers, so as to build a central base for pathogenesis and treatment research for such diseases in China.

Presently the lab possesses 46 full-time researchers, covers an area of 760 square meters for experiments and with a total value of 18 million yuan facilities and devices. The lab has made breakthroughs in the research of predisposing genes of Sjogren’s syndrome, molecular mechanism of SLE and the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis, forming a complete research system of rheumatologic and immunologic diseases that reaches world class. It also led China in its tremendous efforts in the standardized clinical application of autoantibody testing and transformed application. The lab trained a batch of researchers, including a “Yangtze scholar” and a “distinguished youth”. Based on existing resources, the lab has trained, across China, 19,056 doctors for rheumatologic and immunologic diseases and 13,500 lab technicians. In the past three years it published 123 SCI theses with a total IF over 480; it also published 200 theses on Chinese core journals, won a Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award and a Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award.