Minimally invasive technique exchange meeting held
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On the afternoon of December 14, 2014, a meeting commemorating the 100th birthday of Professor Zeng Xianjiu as well as an exchange of minimally invasive technique among young and middle-aged surgeons was held at the multifunctional room of the teaching building.

The meeting was in four parts. First, application of minimally invasive technique in stomach operations, IPPA, colon and rectum operations, emergency operations, liver operations and breast operations. Second, application of minimally invasive technique in orthopedic operations, neurosurgery and plastic surgery. Third, 3D laparoscope technique and minimally invasive technique within blood vessel presented by urinary surgery department and vascular surgery department. Fourth, interventional therapy for congenital heart disease, thoracoscope therapy for lung, oesophagus and breast diseases as well as magnetically guided jejunostomy.