PUMCH MDT of Pancreatic Diseases (Chinese Version) published
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On November 18, 2014, a meeting commemorating the fourth founding anniversary of Pancreatic Disease Diagnosis Center was held at conference room 314 of the teaching building. Present at the meeting were Academician Zhao Yupei from the center, Professor Chen Jie from the pathology department, Professor Qin Mingwei from the radiology department, Professor Zhang Fuquan from the radiotherapy department, Professor Cai Sheng from the ultrasonography department and other experts and surgeons. The meeting was chaired by Professor Zhang Taiping from the department of general surgery.

Multi-disciplinary team (MDT) is of great significance for better diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic diseases. PUMCH set up a coordination group for pancreatic diseases as early as in the 1970s. The Center was established in May 2010, with participation of a dozen clinical departments including general surgery, gastroenterology, tumor, endocrinology, ultrasonography, pathology, radiology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and anesthesia. For four years, the center received 1388 patients from across China, helped with their treatment, was highly praised by patients and their family and acclaimed in the academic community.

The formal publication of PUMCH MDT of Pancreatic Diseases (Chinese Version) was also marked. The book, with Academician Zhao Yupei as the chief editor, gathers medical achievements of the Center in the four years, explains pancreatic diseases from the perspective of various departments and presents typical cases, some of them accompanied by surgical photos and iconography materials. It is of great academic value and guiding significance for better treatment of pancreatic diseases across China.