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Solicitation for “PUMCH Spark” Health Science Popularization Campaign Held Successfully
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On May 18, 2022, the final evaluation meeting of the 2022 “PUMCH Spark” health science popularization campaign was held online. Among the presenters, there were leaders in their disciplines, such as Zhu Lan, Director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, influencers in science popularization who have devoted themselves to health communication for years, and young talents who are all full of zeal to engage in medical science popularization in novel ways. They put on full display the charm and competency, inclusiveness and dedication of PUMCHers taking on science popularization.

To create an enabling environment for scientific innovation and popularization, the “PUMCH Spark” health science popularization campaign was carried out with the coordination and facilitation of PUMCH leaders and funding allocation from PUMCH. The hospital planned to form a multidisciplinary team for health science popularization, who would be tasked with creating a number of high-quality, influential and conducive works and activities to help popularize health knowledge and make cutting-edge technology more accessible to the general public. Since the solicitation started in late April, all departments and offices of PUMCH have signed up for it enthusiastically, many department directors have taken the lead to set up science popularization task forces, and the multidisciplinary team with “medical, nursing, pharmacy, technology and management” personnel also vigorously worked together with them. Altogether 97 projects were submitted and accepted, involving over 500 people of the hospital.

Judges of the final round of evaluation are Qiu Chengli, deputy counsel of Department of Science and Technology Talent and Popularization under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Wang Yi, Director of the Division of Health Promotion under the Department of Publicity, National Health Commission, and another five experts of the PUMCH Science Popularization Committee, who evaluated each project one by one. In the end, 40 projects stood out as winners.

The “PUMCH Spark” campaign entered the implementation phase in June. PUMCH will continue to promote high-quality science popularization activities and works so that they could reach the public in many forms. In this way, PUMCH disseminates health knowledge that boosts people’s health awareness, contributing its share to the enhancement of health literacy.

Reporter: Hong Chengwei and Chen Mingyan

Translator: Liu Haiyan

Editor: Wang Yao