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PUMCH’s experience of epidemic control and treatment at fever clinic steps to the world in COVID-19 period
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Facing the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, the fever clinic medical team of the Emergency Department at PUMCH has developed a “PUMCH Plan” with the core of district diagnosis and treatment as well as enhanced screening based on the “PUMCH Speed”, and fighted the “guard war” at the frontier with the “PUMCH Quality”. On August 20, 2020, the team published a research article on BMJ Open titled ‘Impact of Fever Clinic Upgrade and Reform on Emergency Department Work and Analysis of the Effectiveness of New Coronary Epidemic Prevention and Control’, which retrospectively analyzed the positive impact of fever clinic upgrade on epidemic control and the treatment of critically illness patients during the COVID-19 period, and elaborated the workflow of fever clinics, introducing the “PUMCH experience” of COVID-19 prevention and control to the world.

Diagnosis and treatment flowchart of PUMCH fever clinic.

The flowchart of enhanced screening of PUMCH fever clinic.