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IMEP - Training to be qualified medical educator
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From July 6th to 19th, 2019, Prof. Limeng Chen, Prof. Rong Chen and Prof. Yushi Zhang participated in International Medical Educator Program (IMEP) at University of Chicago. They were highly appraised by UC faculty.

PUMCH and UC shared a long lasting friendship. UC was founded in 1890 by John D. Rockefeller. Since its establishment in 1927, the Department of Medicine has 12 Nobel Laureates in physiology or medicine. Its first president, Franklin C. Mclean, also served as the first president of PUMC.

IMEP was a two-week training program designed for experienced medical educator. In 2019, the program recruited 10 trainees from China. The training included visiting headquarters of Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), and learning examples of competency based medical education and evaluation system applied to clinic. Teaching methods were also trained in a practical and detailed way, including group discussion principles, PPT designing, lecture skills, etc.

Course design was one of the highlights of IMEP, including theoretical base, case study and course design practice. 3 trainees from PUMCH successfully completed a cooperative course design, multidisciplinary training for resident doctors, seizing the opportunity to introduce and publicize the traditional teaching patterns and evaluation system of PUMCH. Organizers paid high tribute to their learning enthusiasm, learning ability, and excellent academic grades.

Limeng Chen:

Systematic training on teaching concepts, methods and skills enlightened and inspired me. My personal experience to grow from a medical student, resident, chief resident, attending physician, to physician literally embodied the unique medical education system in PUMCH.

Rong Chen:

I was most impressed by the top-down teaching atmosphere at UC. A considerable proportion of doctors were willing to take part in medical education. Abundant teaching fund was a great attraction. High quality articles, etc. made UC a world-famous teaching brand.

Yushi Zhang:

The two-week training redefined some of my teaching concepts. Professor Barrett told us “We are not just teachers; we want to be educators”. Teaching is not just “teach and learn”, but to have theories and researches, which is exactly what we lack.

IMEP Director, Prof. Jonathan Lio:

It was such a pleasure to have you join our group in Chicago. Your passion and energy were infectious, and your leadership helped many others along. We have no doubt that you will continue to be a leader in your field and will do many great things in medical education. The programs and curricula you create will impact many people in China