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NHC Officials Inspect PUMCH
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On April 3, 2019, Chen Xinyu, deputy director of Department of Health Science, Technology and Education, National Health Commission (NHC) and Yu Qiurong, deputy director of Education Office, NHC visited PUMCH to inspect the hospital’s residency education and the compilation of Core Competency Framework for Residency Education. PUMCH Vice President Zhang Shuyang, CMB Beijing Office Chief Representative Li Wenkai, PUMCH Education Office Director Qiu Jie and other members of the education team attended the meeting. It aimed at discussing the application of the consensus on the Framework, collecting opinions and pushing forward related efforts.

“The study of core competency standards” is a project supported by NHC. In last September, the Consensus on Core Competency Framework for Residency Education was released at the PUMCH International Forum on Residency Education, an effort of the China Consortium of Elite Teaching Hospitals led by PUMCH. The Consensus contributed significantly to China’s post-graduate medical education, was highly approved of by NHC, the Ministry of Education, the Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA) and medical educators across the country, and also won great attention from Chinese institutions on residency education and news media.

Presently, PUMCH is leading Consortium members to formulate “residents’ core competency” details and a five-scale assessment system. That is, to build expert panels, and, considering current residency test guidelines and borrowing international practices, construct specific requirements and stage assessment standards for residents in the five major clinical fields: medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics and general practice. The aim is to formulate indicators that can be quantified, evaluated and compared, and ultimately hammer out a practical top-level design for China’s resident training.

Yu Qiurong spoke positively of the project and gave detailed suggestions, so as to guide the formulation of the details and make them into post-graduate medical education guidelines that can be promoted across the country.


NHC officials inspect PUMCH.