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2 PUMCH Researches among Top 10 Medical News
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On January 19, the “China Healthcare Technological Innovation Summit & 2018 China, International Top 10 Medical Technology News Release” was held in Beijing, which was hosted by the Health News. The event saw the unveiling of “2018 China Top 10 Medical Technology News”. Re-optimization of the “China Plan”, a research led by Professor Li Taisheng, topped the list. In May 2018, this multi-center research result was published on HIV Medicine. It proved that Chinese patients, especially those with a weight of less than 60kg, should be given a reduced dose of efavirene, a first-line drug. A further optimized antiviral treatment based on this was written into the Chinese Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of HIV/AIDS.

On January 8, the China Medical Tribune unveiled the results of “2018 China Top 10 Medical Researches”. A research led by Professor Zhang Fengchun, a first stage III experiment of biologics for targeted therapy of SLE, ranked the second on the list. The findings were published in March 2018 on Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. It was proven that belimumab can reduce SLE therapy’s dependence on hormone, significantly check the disease and is without safety problems. The drug, targeting BlyS, was the world's first biologics for SLE, whose marketing has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.