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PUMCH Holds 5th Young Physicians Image Reading Competition
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On September 19, 2018, PUMCH held the final of its fifth Young Physicians Image Reading Competition. This is a large-sized event held annually, and participants added up to 482.

The competition came to a little climax shortly after compulsory questions started at the quarterfinal. This was a painting by Tintoretto in 1549, depicting St. Roch inspecting patients in a hospital. Participants were asked to name the diseases in seconds. Team “Little Buddhist Doctors” answered first. Doctor Shao Chi commented: “The question doesn’t ask your art history knowledge, actually. Rather it requires your observation. The most noticeable patient in the painting, in the left, stretches out his arms and exposes his thighs. That is to show us swollen lymph nodes at armpits and groins. So the answer is: plague.”

After a fierce fight four teams enter the semi-final. In the quickfire round, participants were asked to give opinions on the cause of death of Alexander the Great according to historical records. Alexander, after a feast with those close to him, had a cold bath, and then showed symptoms including high fever, shivers, abdominal pain and vomiting. Team “Male, Female Illustrated Handbook for Physicians”, first ruled out the options of “cursed by God for killing too many” and “being poisoned”, landed on the right answer of severe acute pancreatitis (SAP), instead of perforated peptic ulcer or acute suppurative cholangitis. “Little Buddhist Doctors” was catching up by rightly answering the second question, that is, we should carry normal saline to travel back in time to save him.

Apart from clinical knowledge, the final also tested participant’s psychology and communication skills. Team “Pinduoduo” was at a communication question in semi-final, where participants were asked to inform a patient family of possible bad effects of radiation therapy and chemo for IV stage lung cancer, clash in therapies and prognosis. They were supposed to wrestle with Associate Professor Wu Wei, who acted as son of the patient. Participants partly agreed with the family, said that “there is a clash between chemo and anti-infection” and “we respect your choice, but must inform you of the risks of coughing blood, suffocation and sudden death”. Finally the two sides reached agreement: active anti-infection first and active rescue in case of emergency. Professor Zeng Xuejun expressed satisfaction. She said that the residents performed well in dealing with each question from the family. She stressed that we must respect them, sympathize with them and avoid consequents of ill communication.

After several rounds “Male, Female Illustrated Handbook for Physicians” and “Pinduoduo” found them face each other in the final.

There a participant was eliminated with each wrong answer. After seven questions “Pinduoduo” only had two persons while the other team only the team leader. The eighth question baffled both teams, who failed to give the right diagnosis of type I renal tubular acidosis. Finally “Pinduoduo” won out and received the title of “ultimate image reader”.


The judge panel shows approval.

The winner team “Pinduoduo”