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Ethical Codes for Medical Workers
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It is a sacred duty of medical workers to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, and restore patients’ health. Apart from medical expertise, a medical worker needs a heart dedicated to serving the people, which is a basic requirement. We should vigorously advocate and spread socialist medical morals, and make them behavior standards of all medical workers. All staff members of a hospital (including administration, nursing, scientific research, supportive departments and logistics) should “put patients first” and bend all their efforts on restoring their health.

Medical morals govern one’s thoughts, beliefs and behaviors, but are most apparently demonstrated in doctor-patient relationships. Here I would like, as a clinical doctor, talk something about moral requirements on medical workers.

First, we need to have a warm heart towards patients, which stems from a deep sympathy for them.

Second, we need to have a responsible and meticulous attitude. As our forefathers once said, practicing medicine is just like “treading on thin ice”.

Last, about a practical and realistic style of work. Medicine is a science which doesn’t allow the smallest degree of falsehood. Medical workers should not pretend that they know when they don’t, let alone refuse to acknowledge their mistakes. They should, at any time, bear in mind their moral duties toward their patients.

In a word, to live up to the people’s expectations, it is extremely important for medical workers to cultivate their beliefs and integrity.