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Rapidly Increasing Rates of Hip Fracture in Beijing, China was observed by a group of PUMCH .
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The rate of hip fracture has been rising very rapidly in Beijing, China.,an epidemeological study from PUMCH get this conclusion. The results showed that the hip fracture incidence was 1.7 times more in female than male among aged over 50 years population. Between 1990 - 1992 and 2002 -2006, the adjusted age-specific rates of hip fracture over age 50 years increased 2.76-fold in women and 1.61-fold in men.

The research team was composed of investitators from the department of endocrinology department of gynaecology and obstetrics,and the department of radiology. They revealed the change trends of bone turnover biomarkers and vitamin D levels in postmenopausal women. Vitamin D insufficiency was widely found in postmenopausal women in Beijing, with an average level of 13.2 ng/ml, only 44% of the normal level. The level of vitamin D also falls with age, and is noticeably related with high bone turnover state (that is, the increase of bone loss).