Awards won by PUMCH in scientific research 2015
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PUMCH pocketed several awards for its research efforts in 2015. In clinical diagnosis and treatment, the hospital won four items of Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award and five items of Beijing Science and Technology Award. The project “development, industrialization and application of icotinib hydrochloride, a small molecular targeted drug” participated by Professor Zhang Li from the Department of Respiratory Diseases and Professor Hu Bei from the Clinical Pathology Center won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award (4th award-winning institution). The project “clinical practice of new ideas in treating endometriosis” led by Professor Leng Jinhua from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology won the first prize for sci-tech results of the first Women and Children Health Science and Technology Award. The hospital newspaper will soon carry series reports on these achievements.

Besides, the hospital also saw many of its experts commended at state, provincial and ministerial levels. Professor Luo Ailun was elected as a “national role model for professional ethics” for the 14th year and a “national role model for medical ethics”. Three professors, Huang Yuguang, Du Bin and Gao Zhiqiang received the title of “young and middle-aged expert of distinguished contribution in national health and family planning” for the 7th year. At the ceremony marking the International Women’s Day held on February 29 in Beijing, Professor Leng Jinhua was honored the title of “National March 8th red-banner pacesetter” and Professor Zhu Lan received the title of “national March 8th red-banner holder”. Associate Professor Fan Hongwei from the Department of Infectious Diseases was honored by the National Health and Family Planning Commission the title of “distinguished individual in prevention and control of Ebola”. Professor Zhang Jia from the Department of Orthopedics won the title of “life hero in medical health community” and Professor Bian Xuming from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology received the first-year award of distinguished contribution to women and children health.