PUMCH successfully treats 200 cases of severe autoimmune bullous disorders
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Relying on its standardized system and tailored plans, the Dermatology Department of PUMCH has in the recent five years treated with success more than 200 cases of severe autoimmune bullous disorders and reported a much lower fatality rate.

Autoimmune bullous disorders are a kind of autoimmune skin disease with a relatively high fatality rate. Serious patients usually suffer from overall skin mucosa damage and several complications, the pathological cause being autoimmune reaction taking self skin tissue as the target antigen.

The Dermatology Department probed into standardized system and tailored plans for treatment, and tried to combine unconventional therapies using γ-Globulin, plasmapheresis and biologic agent. In the recent five years it has successfully treated more than 200 patients and led the country in clinical experience and research results.