PUMCH-developed otolaryngological devices displayed in Zurich
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On July 11-18, 2014, the 23rd Practical Courses in Microsurgery of the Skull Base and temporal bone of Fisch International Microsurgery Foundation (FIMF) was held in Zurich. Chaired by Professor Ugo Fisch. The participants came from 15 countries including the US, Britain, Australia and China. Feng Guodong, attending surgeon from the otolaryngology department of PUMCH, was again invited to act as a tutor. Eight sets of temporal bone and head holders independently developed by PUMCH served the courses.

The holders, invented by Feng, can reduce the time for specimen fixation and position transformation from 30-40 minutes to 2-3 minutes. Professor Saba Battelino, a tutor from Slovenia, said excitedly: “Congratulations for the successful development of holders from PUMCH, which makes our  operation so easy.” And Professor John May from the US expressed wish to purchase.

The microsurgery lab of the otolaryngology department of PUMCH is dedicated to the research, training and industrialization of surgical devices and technologies. Apart from temporal bone and head holders, other devices, including endoscope arm, electric control variable suction and irrigation device, facial movement measurement system and microsurgical technique experimental table, are also going from lab to market successively.