PUMCH-UCSF Internal Medicine Residency Exchange Program
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As two of the leading academic medical institutions in China and US, Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH) and University of California, San Francisco(UCSF)have a long history of cooperation. In November 2003, they joined hands again to launch the exchange program for the internal medicine residents. The program is to create mutually beneficial collaborations between the two premier academic medical centers through bilateral exchange programs ultimately enhancing research programs, clinical training experiences and local health care.



1) Increase cross culture competence

2) Refine skills in differential diagnosis and clinical decision-making

3) Understand health care delivery in a developed country and appreciate unique challenges posed by this system

4) Improve team leadership skills and refine teaching techniques

5) Gain proficiency in evidence-based medicine and improve critical appraisal skills

6) Explore general internal medicine as a potential career interest


1) Gain clinical experience in the delivery of health care in a developing country

2) Enhance cultural sensitivity

3) Refine history taking and physical examination skills

4) Acquire proficiency in basic global health issues

5)  Explore global health as a potential career interest


1. PUMCH will send 4 internal medicine residents for a 3-month rotation at UCSF. The residents will spend time in both inpatient and outpatient settings with their time divided as follows:

1) two months on an inpatient general internal medicine service; PUMCH residents will work closely with a PGY-2 or PGY-3 UCSF resident, observing the leadership role and approaches to teaching at the bedside, on work rounds and in didactic sessions;

2) the third month will be customized to fit the individual resident’s curricular needs and specific clinical interests;

3) in addition each resident will attend a weekly clinic in general internal medicine.

2. UCSF will send 3-4 residents for a 1-month rotation at PUMC. The residents’ time will be divided between inpatient and outpatient services as follows:

1) two weeks on the general internal medicine ward; The UCSF resident will be expected to role model in leading a team and teaching junior trainees;

2) two weeks elective on a subspecialty service, including three half days per week in a subspecialty clinic.


1. Residents must complete an evaluation form of the rotation and will be expected to present their experience in some format upon return.

2. Evaluation of each resident will be completed by the supervising faculty member at the host institution.

3.  For returning PUMCH residents, they are required to take charge of a team for two months in the general internal medicine. Teaching or research during their rotation is highly encouraged.


For those interested in applying for the program, the selection procedure takes place in July and August every year. Applicants need to hand in application forms and pass English interview. Their clinical and teaching performance and leadership abilities are also taken into consideration according to the annual assessment by the attendings, the Chief residents, and the directors of department and program. The applicants need to meet the following criteria:

1.  second or third year residents

2.  excellent clinical knowledge and performance

3.  outstanding teaching skills

4.  good communication and leadership skills

5.  fluent in English

6.  give priority to the Annual Excellent Residents