About CTSI online courses on clinical research designing
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In an effort to help with PUMCH's clinical research and training, fortify its research team, facilitate exchanges between disciplines, advance translational medicine, and give more support to scientific research by young and middle-aged staff, the hospital introduced in 2013 select online courses on clinical research designing from the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) of UCSF. This marks an important result of early stage cooperation between PUMCH and UCSF.

The courses cover subject selecting and designing, enrollment of objects of study, selection of method, estimation of sample size, data security management and ethics. The courses and related trainings are expected to improve the hospital's designing ability, standardize methods, expand vision and advance the research in translational medicine.

Five sessions of the courses have been held, with 30 trainees for each session. They were physicians and researchers from 48 departments. They not only completed the courses earnestly and actively participated in research, but supported scientific survey and training. As a result they saw an improvement in their designing of clinical research and success rate in fund application, and contributed to the hospital's multidisciplinary coordination and academic atmosphere. These trainees are expected to lead other young and middle-aged researchers to inject new vitality to the growth of translational medicine.