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2020 New Year Address
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Time travels like a song and flies like water. 2019 marked the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Under the guidance of the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH) has carried through the spirit of the fourth plenary session of the 19th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee. Starting from the 1,000-day countdown of PUMCH’s 100-year anniversary, we will make vigorous and concerted efforts to build the “Six Systems” and produce extraordinary results in the new era.

History has fixed the picture of every staff pursuing their dreams, and their perspiration has made each dream come true. In 2019 senior experts and management specialists joined hands with the MDT teams to instruct and oversee discipline building at 53 departments, and the first batch of 26 new medical technologies have been introduced; besides, we held 24 nursing skill competitions throughout the year, launched a 100-day initiative to improve medical services, and implemented the comprehensive reform about the use of medical consumables. These moves were designed to advance the hospital’s transition to high-quality and efficient development. A variety of talent cultivation programs for post-doctoral researchers, research assistants, and managerial staff have offered different career paths. Customized leadership training courses at Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, and University of Chicago have broadened middle-level management teams’ global vision, creativity, leadership, and execution.

In 2019, PUMCH initiated the establishment of a national collaborative network for the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases, and a national clinical research center for skin and immune diseases was also set up at our hospital. Besides, it launched a project to build a national key laboratory to investigate complicated and serious illnesses and rare diseases; the main structure of the Translational Medicine Building was completed, the renovated tele-medicine center also opened its doors. These infrastructure projects and research facilities have enhanced our hospital’s service quality and capacity. In addition, our hospital has deepened cooperation with domestic and foreign academic institutions as well as well-known companies.

In 2019, all staff members were overcoming difficulties and forging ahead to advance the hospital’s development, Those warm and powerful moments are classic and eternal in the long river of memory. We are proud that in order to ensure the successful conclusion of the military parade and celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC, our 3,000 medical staff kept on duty, some 100 experts worked in the frontline, and 52 doctors and nurses were sent to the Tiananmen Square to safeguard public health. PUMCH masters like Zhang Xiaoqian and Lin Qiaozhi were on the list of the “Most Beautiful Workers”; when your thoughts are with the people, and the people would never forget you. We are pleased to learn that the younger generation of medical staff at PUMCH are also capturing extensive public attention for their dedication and devotion. For instance, Dong Dan, where our hospital is located, has been regarded as the safest block in Beijing as a number of people suffered from various diseases have been saved by our doctors and nurses in the streets or even in the stadium. These are vivid examples of our staff’s original aspirations that have endured since the hospital was established a century ago.

Pay homage to history, and pay homage to the times. When we put today's new era into the dimension of modern Chinese history, we can see that the strength of today's China lies in its institutional advantages, in its continued civilization, and in the constant struggle of the Chinese people. When we put UMCH into the dimension of the history of medical science in the recent century, it is not hard to see that the strength of today's PUMCH lies in disciplinary advantages, in institution & culture, and in responsibility and commitment. 2020 is the starting point for us to move toward the goals in the second century and also the most crucial year for us to realize our centennial dreams.

In the new year, we should strengthen the advantages of certain disciplines. We should adhere to discipline construction to live up to the standards of world-class institutions and world-class disciplines; we must stand on the highland of historical responsibility, further emancipate our minds, provide a better platform for talent growth and development, and welcome a new golden age for our hospital.

In the new year, we will strengthen institutional arrangements. Guided by the spirit of the fourth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, we will accelerate the construction of institutional systems, constantly improve supporting measures for the "Six Systems", and strengthen system design and system implementation; also, we will implement administrative reform measures to streamline management procedures and delegate powers, cut red-tape for clinical staff in the frontline, so as to improve and enhance the hospital's governance.

In the new year, we should cultivate profound cultural spirit. The PUMCH was founded at the same year as the CPC, and has the same fate as the country. We should take the centennial anniversary as an opportunity and prepare a series of celebratory activities to show the strength and charm of the PUMCH to the whole world, and present solid and significant achievements to pay tribute to the centennial anniversary of the CPC.

Over the past century, PUMCH has been striving to provide quality, effective, and considerate services to patients. In the new year, we will strengthen our responsibility and commitment. Through the vigorous development of tele-medicine and the construction of Internet hospital, we hope to expand our services nationwide and expedite the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, build a “bridge of world friendship” to connect China with the “Belt and Road”, and become “a card of China” to the rest of the world.

Seize every minute and waste no time in the prime of youth. The chapter of a new century is about to open, and the baton of history is being passed to us. We will gather our inexorable power and make greater contributions to realize the centennial dreams of PUMCH and safeguard people's health.

We firmly believe that 2020 would be a more wonderful year for PUMCH.