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PUMCH First Aid Youth Camp opens for love and life
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The young trainees receive their certificate of completion (Photo: Workers’ Union)

The PUMCH First Aid Youth Camp was recently jointly launched by the Emergency Department, the Workers’ Union, the Youth League Committee & the Young Workers Office, the Medical Affairs Department, and the Education Department with an attempt to increase the awareness, knowledge, and skills among adolescents and children. About 100 children of the hospital employees were invited to receive a training course on cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills delivered by the Emergency Department from August 19th to 20th. The trainers also explained how to make an emergency call, treat trauma, and manage medical emergencies. The training course was lively and interesting, and all the young trainees were actively involved. The children carefully rescued the "patient”, as if they were real doctors. This first-aid training helped the children to master the basic first-aid skills and develop their understanding of first aid.

Children learn the first aid skills (Photo: Wang Pengfei)