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Peking Union Medical College Hospital tops the list of 100 best hospital in Asian Chinese regions
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Peking Union Medical College Hospital, with a composite score of 943.24, remains the highest-ranking hospital in China, according to the fresh “2018 Top 100 Best Hospitals in Asian Chinese Regions” list released by Ailibi Hospital Management Research Center, a third-party hospital evaluation agency, on On June 28, 2019.

The list covers the reputed general hospitals hospitals in China (including the Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Province) and Singapore, representing the most competitive medical capacity and the best medical resources in East Asia. The ranking system includes indicators including medical technology, resource allocation, hospital performance, and academic impact. Among them, the “medical technology” is composed of items including percentage of senior physicians among all physicians, percentage of physicians among all staff, percentage of annual surgical patients among annual discharged patients, total number of clinical departments and services inside the hospital, proportion of ICU beds, and whether the hospital is a medical center; the indicator “resource allocation” is measured by doctor-bed ratio, nurse-bed ratio, staff-annual emergency department visits ratio, staff-annual outpatient department visits ratio, and staff-annual discharge ratio; the “hospital performance” measures include average hospital stay, bed rotation rate, and proportion of patients from other provinces; finally, metrics of the “academic impact” include the number of academic leaders/top physicians, number of research projects supported by state-level grants (e.g. the National Natural Science Foundation of China), whether the hospital is a hospital affiliated to a medical college, and number and impact factors of SCI articles.