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PUMCH Ultrasound Leads China in Prenatal Examination, Diagnosis
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For 16 years, the Department of Ultrasound Medicine, PUMCH has been focusing on key technologies in the prevention and control of birth defects; it established the Chinese standards and plans for prenatal ultrasound examination and diagnosis, pushed forward the standardized application of ultrasound across the country and established a layered treatment system for fetal malformations. The results won the second prize of 2018 higher learning institution Scientific Progress Award, second prize of 2018 Sci-tech Award by China Birth Defects Intervention Assistance Foundation, third prize of 2017 China Medical Technology Award and third prize of 2017 Huaxia Medical Sci-tech Award.

China has 800,000-1200,000 babies born with defects every year, while prenatal ultrasound is the most important prevention measure acknowledged by the world. Since 2002, the Department has been leading China in carrying out prenatal ultrasound that fitted Chinese fetus development and hygienic conditions. Under a state project support, PUMCH led 13 tertiary hospitals and for the first time established Chinese fetus biological references based on nearly 40,000 samples, which served as real data for Chinese fetus, including BPD, head circumference, abdominal circumference and femur length and provided accurate reference for the estimation of pregnancy time and prenatal diagnosis. In 2008-2011, PUMCH carried out China’s earliest and largest early pregnancy (11-14 weeks) ultrasound screening, and formulated standardized procedures, which resulted in much earlier diagnosis windows for many major deformities.

The hospital has been promoting its ultrasound screening plan to the whole nation, especially to primary hospitals. It led 26 prenatal examination and diagnosis institutions across the country to complete an “evaluation of early-stage fetus ultrasound screening plan”, a state key project. It trained nearly 10,000 ultrasound doctors through student programs, domestic and international conferences and continuing education programs, boosting the overall ultrasound level of the country. In 2016, PUMCH published China Standards on Prenatal Ultrasound Examination, which gave standardized procedures and detailed introduction of irregularities. It is suitable for doctors at all levels, especially those in primary hospitals and has become a daily guide in numerous medical institutions.

PUMCH has established a prenatal comprehensive strategy led by ultrasound. It was the first in China to use 3D/4D ultrasound, intelligent ultrasound, MRI and various new technologies of genetic analysis, and established the advantages of different technologies. It worked together with Obstetrics, Radiology, Pediatrics and Stomatology and promoted timely diagnosis and treatment of deformities including cleft lip and palate, heart deformity and chromosomal abnormality, boosting the overall quality of treating fetus abnormality.

China Standards on Prenatal Ultrasound Examination published by PUMCH