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PUMCH holds 1st expert training on bone bridge implantation
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On January 24, 2015, the minimal invasive surgery lab of the Otorhinolaryngology Department of PUMCH held a technical training on “bone bridge”. Experts from seven top Chinese hospitals long devoted to microtia repair attended the training and the tutor was Mr. Frenzel, a famous German expert on ear deformity. The participants also discussed hearing reconstruction plan for microtia in China.

Bone bridge implantation can improve the hearing of patients who are unable to receive sound through the natural air path, and is so far the best solution for hearing reconstruction for this kind of problem. Bone bridge has been applied in more than 200 hospitals across the world and, in China, it has entered the final stage of product registration, and will be applied clinically this year. A large number of patients who are unable to rebuild air path due to microtia, middle ear cholesteatoma surgery and other causes will benefit from this new method.

The lab, due to its ever increasing international reputation on research and surgical training, has won the attention and cooperation from world-class companies including Medel. It is striving to become an innovation base and training base of otolaryngological surgeries in China.