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Laboratory Department passes on-site inspection of CAP
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On December 8-9, 2014, the Laboratory Department of PUMCH passed the on-site LAP inspection of the College of American Pathologist (CAP), thus becoming the 10th Chinese laboratory recognized by CAP, which is also an ISO 15189 laboratory.

Six American experts, led by Dr. Robert Baisden, chairman of CAP's inspection committee, carefully examined the laboratory's special groups including biochemistry and immunity, clinical examination and cytology, microorganism, molecular biology, and endocrinology. The examination relied on nearly a thousand pieces of standards on nine CAP checklists, which cover such respects of quality control as method and skill, technological capacity, personnel, equipment, sample, LIS, service and safety.

Due to the laboratory's excellent technological capacity and quality control basis, especially its full preparations, the CAP experts were able to cover all on-site inspection items within a day, and confirmed the technological capacity of 365 projects. At the summing-up meeting on the 9th, Dr. Robert Baisden spoke highly of our laboratory: the department boasts such a wide range of subjects and test items and can arrive at a high, balanced technological level; this is exceptional in the hundreds of medical laboratories he examined across the world; the team, in particular, can be called an "A team" which impressed them profoundly.