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PUMCH Stages 2nd Popular Science Speech Contest
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(By Wang Jing, Duan Wenli) The afternoon of November 1, 2017 saw the unfolding of the final of the hospital’s 2nd Popular Science Speech Contest at the Lecture Hall under the theme “PUMCH actions for a healthier China”.

After rounds of contests which lasted four months, 29 young workers from nine competition divisions entered the final, with 16 players divided into four teams.

The final was in five-round group contests, each featured a six-minute speech. Each team had its media guides and science guides to make a 120-second comment and canvass for it. Then a media jury and a mass jury voted, which were shown on a big screen. The teams fought fiercely until the last minute. Finally, “Mimi Qiji” won the gold medal, “Mashang Jiuhui” won the silver medal and other two teams, “Jiali Jiali” and “Meihua” won the bronze medal. Leaders from the hospital and NHFPC presented awards to the winners. They included PUMCH President Zhao Yupei, Party Secretary Jiang Yuxin, Deputy Secretary Chai Jianjun, Vice President Han Ding, Vice President Yang Dungan, NHFPC Publicity Department Director Jiang Wen, Director Liu Zhefeng and Sci-tech Department Director Qiu Chengli.

The teams, instructed by their guides, made full preparations. Their topics were typically PUMCH, combining medical science with art. Titles included: “Is excimer laser reliable?”, “The last fracture in your life”, “The story of genes”, “Brother, how are your ‘tadpoles'?”, “Antinflamation, not as you imagined,” “Late-night dining hall”, “A contract of life and death”….these topics and questions are all public concerns in daily life and the most asked ones in wards. The players, with their speech skills and supported by PPT and all kinds of stage tools, made the contest highly interesting and entertaining.

The final was broadcast live through Tencent News, Sina Weibo, Sohu Video and our popular science WeChat account “PUMCH doctor says”. 601,000 viewers witnessed this grand event in medical science publicity.